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I am responding to a letter in The Buffalo News Dec. 8 saying that there is no country worth dying for.

At first I was angry at the author, but then I felt for the man because he seems to have no specific direction in which to point his misery. I hope that he holds on to his life as long as he can. I certainly intend to do the same, but the life that I hold on to is full of wonderful and not so wonderful experiences. I would never change them.

During Vietnam, I, too, was of draft age as he is now, but I still enlisted. We were told that we would be sent out to fight, and I was terrified. We did not go after all, and I was grateful. I still believe in that commitment.

Should it ever come to pass that one day my gravestone might read, "I died for my country," remember me, others like me, and the circumstances that will allow you to call me or even your country a fool and be free from any government reprisal. This country is worth it.

Niagara Falls

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