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American humorist Ogden Nash observed that "Winter comes but once a year. And when it comes, it brings the doctor good cheer." . . .

ON THIS DAY -- In 1620, the Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower went ashore for the first time at what is now Plymouth, Mass. . . . In 1898, scientists Pierre and Marie Curie discovered radium . . . In 1913, the first crossword puzzle was published in the Sunday supplement of the New York World . . . In 1914, the first feature-length silent film comedy, "Tillie's Punctured Romance," was released . . . In 1940, author F. Scott Fitzgerald, who lived in Buffalo when he was a boy, died in Hollywood at the age of 44 . . . In 1945, Gen. George S. Patton died of injuries he suffered in a car accident in Heidelberg, Germany . . . In 1948, the state of Eire (formerly the Irish Free State) declared itself a republic and withdrew from the British Commonwealth. . . .

LACKAWANNA PRIDE -- Now that Mighty Dog and Carnation Co.'s 1991 calendar is out, a Yorkshire terrier named "Mandy" is back in the limelight. The tiny, beribboned pooch, who lives in Lackawanna and turned 2 on Thursday, is one of a dozen dogs featured in the colorful new calendar. Mandy's owner, Pam Evans, an account marketing representative for the Graphic Controls Corp., said, "Of course, I think Mandy's the best one . . ."

Mandy, Ms. Evans says, will also be seen later this year in the nationally-distributed "Pedigrees" pet catalog.

"She's due for a 'Pedigrees' photo session soon," said Ms. Evans, who accompanied Mandy to the Waldorf Astoria in New York City last year after the four-pound terrier won the Mighty Dog food contest for 1991's calendar dogs -- with her photograph and a doggerel (poem) by her mistress.

Mandy's smaller sister, a terrier named Katie, went along -- as did Ms. Evans' fiance, Ozzie McCollum. The trio also visited the Plaza Hotel on Fifth Avenue and got $5,000 "Mandy money." Part of it went toward the family's newly-purchased Lackawanna home. The rest helped pay off a truck -- and added a third Yorkshire terrier to the bunch, little Sarah who's "right at home." . . .

HOLIDAY SPIRIT -- Pupils in the fourth-grade class of Nancy Linton at Hoover Elementary School in Kenmore decided to give up their holiday gift exchange and instead, purchase gifts for residents of the Orchard Park Health Care Center "for residents who don't get visitors," reports Mary Jo Illuzzi, administrative secretary at the center. The pupils also wrote cards, and the gifts were given to residents at their Christmas party Thursday. . . .
Christmas is the birthday

of the Prince of Peace.

The gift He'd most cherish

is that all wars cease.

-- Walter E. Bell
COLD WEATHER can result in big trouble for cats that are left outside, says Julie Garvey, president of Pet Connection, a non-profit volunteer organization that takes care of cats and dogs that have been injured or are pregnant.

"Cats' ears are very vulnerable to subfreezing temperatures," she said, "and can literally fall off if they are frozen."

Mrs. Garvey, who has been taking care of injured animals for more than seven years, said her organization recently received $1,000 from the Buffalo Foundation to help buy badly needed office equipment and is currently conducting a fund drive to pay off the remaining balance. For more information, call 652-0192 or write to Pet Connection, P.O. Box 149, Marilla, N.Y. 14102. . . .

HAPPY BIRTHDAY -- Caitlin Bell, Eileen Stevens, Jerry Bent, Tim Hennigan, Harry King, Marie Pirastru, Joe Wysocki, Mark Weber, Natalie McCullough, Susan Zlotek, Carol Smentek, Ann Nolan, Dennis A. Kless, Linda McMahon, Alice Kowal, Paula Parker, Hollie Leistner, Andrea Tyrpak Endres, Betty Huebbers, Angela Broncato, Sandra Nowicki, Maggie McGuire Hoffstetter, Meghan Harrington, Mary Anne Wolniewicz, Maryann Fitzpatrick, Father Dan Lapinski, Earl Herrington and Carol Frances Partridge. . . .

AND SATURDAY -- Matt Kromer, Donny Sierer, Mark Dudziak, Fred Domanski, Bob Smering, Mary Ann McElroy, Margie Schlegel, Mariclaire Lafferty, Arlene Pitillo, Bertha Rhone, Jennifer Jacobbi, Grace Jacobbi, Kelly Ann Kohler, Kristen Stefanick, Algee Griggs, Felix Coniglio Jr., Donna Rechtenwalt, Emmy Lou Hess, Ed Kozlowski, John Dawidzik, Marge Gallaway, Karen Barris.

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