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DETROIT AT GREEN BAY -- Lions: CB Bruce Alexander (heel) is doubtful. WR Robert Clark (knee) is questionable. WR Richard Johnson (groin) is probable. Packers: FS Chuck Cecil is out. QB Anthony Dilweg (arch) is doubtful. LB Brian Noble (knee) and WR Clarence Weathers (turf toe) are doubtful. LB Bryce Paup (hamstring) is questionable. DB Mark Lee (groin) and LB Tim Harris (groin) are probable.

WASHINGTON AT INDIANAPOLIS -- Redskins: No new injuries reported. Colts: NT Tony Siragusa (ribs) is questionable. DE Jon Hand (knee), NT Harvey Armstrong (knee), LB Jeff Herrod (abdomen-ankle), C Ray Donaldson (back), WR-KR Clarence Verdin (ribs) are probable.

LOS ANGELES RAIDERS AT MINNESOTA -- Raiders: No new injuries reported. Vikings: DT Thomas Strauthers (foot) and CB Reggie Rutland (back) are questionable.
MIAMI AT BUFFALO -- Dolphins: S Liffort Hobley (knee-injured reserve) is out; DE T.J. Turner (knee), RB Tony Paige (ankle), WR Dennis McKinnon (ankle) are questionable; RB Garrett Limbrick (neck), S Jarvis Williams (toe) are probable; Bills: QB Jim Kelly (knee) is out; T Will Wolford (knee), G Jim Ritcher (back), LB Ray Bentley (chest) are probable.

NEW ORLEANS AT SAN FRANCISCO -- Saints: DE Wayne Martin (knee) is out. NT Jim Wilks (knee-ankle) is doubtful. RB Dalton Hilliard (knee) is questionable. 49ers: S Ronnie Lott (knee) is doubtful. RB Roger Craig (knee) and LB Charles Haley (knee) are questionable. CB Don Griffin (foot) and TE Brent Jones (conduct) are probable.

LOS ANGELES RAMS AT ATLANTA -- Rams: LB Frank Stams (knee) is out. TE Damone Johnson (hamstring) is doubtful. G Tom Newberry (ankle) and S Vince Newsome (shoulder) are questionable. Falcons: WR James Milling (ankle) and DE Mike Gann (foot) are doubtful. WR Andre Rison (knee), QB Scott Campbell (right shoulder) and RB Steve Broussard (hamstring) are questionable. LB Darion Conner (groin) and S Brian Jordan (shoulder) are probable.

NEW YORK GIANTS AT PHOENIX -- Giants: QB Phil Simms (foot) is out. S Greg Jackson (leg) and G Bob Kratch (ankle) are probable. Cardinals: G Derek Kennard (thumb), is probable.

DALLAS AT PHILADELPHIA -- Cowboys: TE Robert Awalt (back) is doubtful. WR Derrick Shepard (ankle), DB Ray Horton (ankle) and RB James Dixon (toe) are probable. Eagles: DT Jerome Brown (wrist), QB Randall Cunningham (thigh), FS Wes Hopkins (calf), TE Keith Jackson (knee) and SS Andre Waters (back-hip) are questionable.

TAMPA BAY AT CHICAGO -- Buccaneers: RB Gary Anderson (ribs) and DB Harry Hamilton (knee) are questionable. Bears: QB Jim Harbaugh (right shoulder) and LB Ron Rivera (knee) are out. LB John Roper (hamstring), LB Ron Cox (knee-ankle), RB Neal Anderson (ribs) and TE Cap Boso (ankle) are doubtful. DE Tim Ryan (leg) and WR Dennis Gentry (toe) are questionable. DT Dan Hampton (knee), K Kevin Butler (shoulder), QB Mike Tomczak (calf) are probable.

HOUSTON AT CINCINNATI -- Oilers: S Bubba McDowell (knee), S Terry Kinard (shoulder), LB Al Smith (thumb) are questionable: DT Doug Smith (back) is probable. Bengals: RB Craig Taylor (ankle) is out; T Anthony Munoz (shoulder) is questionable; QB Boomer Esiason (groin), CB Solomon Wilcots (ankle) are probable.

CLEVELAND AT PITTSBURGH -- Browns: QB Bernie Kosar (right thumb) is doubtful; TE John Talley (knee) is questionable; RB Derrick Gainer (forearm), LB David Grayson (hip), CB Mark Harper (leg) are propable. Steelers: LB Greg Lloyd (ankle) is doubtful; WR Louis Lipps (back) is questionable; RB Barry Foster (ankle), RB Tim Worley (knee), DT-DE Craig Veasey (elbow) are probable.

KANSAS CITY AT SAN DIEGO -- Chiefs: QB Steve DeBerg (finger-left hand), S Deron Cherry (knee), WR Fred Jones (ankle), RB Christian Okoye (shoulder), LB Chris Martin (back), WR J.J. Birden (groin), CB Albert Lewis (hip), CB Kevin Ross (hip) are questionable; RB Barry Word (knee) is probable. Chargers: WR Nate Lewis (wrist) is doubtful; RB Marion Butts (foot), S Lester Lyles (knee), NT Les Miller (back), WR Walter Wilson (thigh) are questionable; LB Billy Ray Smith (elbow) is probable.

NEW ENGLAND AT NEW YORK JETS -- Patriots: RB Marvin Allen (knee), LB Vincent Brown (ankle), T Stan Clayton (ankle), RB Jamie Morris (shoulder), LB Ed Reynolds (knee) are questionable; WR Irving Fryar (back), G Chris Gambol (back), G Damian Johnson (back) are probable. Jets: LB Joe Kelly (knee) is out; S Travis Curtis (shoulder) is questionable; RB Brad Baxter (ankle), CB James Hasty (knee) are probable.

DENVER AT SEATTLE -- Broncos: T Jim Juriga (back) is out; LB Simon Fletcher (ankle), WR Vance Johnson (calf), DB Kevin Clark (heel-ankle) are questionable; S Steve Atwater (sternum), WR Shannon Sharpe (thigh), WR Mark Jackson (shoulder), S Dennis Smith (knee), LB Karl Mecklenburg (knee), RB Steve Sewell (shoulder), LB Marc Munford (elbow) are probable. Seahawks: TE Ron Heller (knee), TE Mike Tice (ankle), RB John L. Williams (foot) are probable.

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