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TAKING a look at more headlines and ratings news:

Bill Destroys Bart Simpson: NBC's "The Cosby Show" does much better in its battle here with "The Simpsons" than it does nationally. "Cosby" has a 21 Arbitron rating and 33 share on Channel 2 and a 22 rating and 32 share in Nielsen. Bart gets a 13 rating and 20 share on Channel 29 in both services.

"Father Dowling Mysteries," which appeals to older viewers, beats Bart here, too. It had a 14 Arbitron rating and 23 share and a 17 Nielsen rating and 25 share.

Nationally, "Cosby" averages an 18.2 rating and 29 share, "The Simpsons" averages a 13.3 rating and 22 share, and "Father Dowling" averages a 10.3 and 17.

"The Simpsons" is by far the highest-rated Fox show on Channel 29. WUTV's prime-time rating is about half the national average for Fox.

Sawabini Leaving Channel 4: Channel 4 reporter Wadi Sawabini's last day at the station is Friday, when he goes on a week's vacation. Many of his colleagues and friends had a party for him Wednesday night at a Buffalo restaurant. "Mary (his wife) and I love Western New York," he said. "We're going to stay here."

Sawabini is unlikely to land another job in local television. It is believed that he has a non-compete clause that prevents him from going elsewhere even if Channel 2 or Channel 7 were interested.

He said public reaction to his departure after eight years on WIVB has been "unbelievable."

"One lady began crying as she talked to me," said Sawabini. "I had done a story about her mother having a problem with an electric company."

Mosey Responds to Beach: SallyAnn Mosey, who used to read the news on Sandy Beach's morning show on WMJQ-FM, is upset at some on-air comments made by Beach that she believes give the impression she was let go because of incompetence. The station said it dropped Mosey in an economic move.

"At this point," she writes, "I feel his comments are one man's opinion with no substance but certainly a lot of "WEIGHT!" (Her capitals and explanation point.)

She enclosed a letter of recommendation from Program Director Hank Nevins, which lavishly praised Mosey for her "true professionalism," being a "team player" and working with other departments at the station "beautifully."

Beach denied Mosey's remarks, saying he "hasn't a clue" why she made them.

"Sandy is a showman," said Mosey. "Prior to the letter he made remarks that hurt my feelings. Now he is making some remarks that are flattering."

"Today," "GMA" Tie: Phil Beuth, the former Channel 7 general manager who now oversees "Good Morning America," is pleased with the program's decisive national victory over NBC's "Today" show. But locally, the shows tie with a 5 Arbitron rating apiece. Nielsen gives "GMA" a 7 to 5 victory.

Jim Kelly Is a Winner: The revised "Bills Scoreboard With Jim Kelly" on Channel 7 averages an 8 Arbitron rating on Saturdays, which is very good for a highlights show. It even defeats Channel 2's hour-long bowling show, which has a 7 rating. Kelly averages a 6 Nielsen rating, two points lower than the bowling show. Channel 4 helps the popularity of Kelly's show by playing paid programming opposite it. The paid programs get a 1 rating.

Jennings Is No. 1: ABC's "World News Tonight" with Peter Jennings averages a 16 Arbitron rating, which is about 40 percent higher than the national average. "The CBS Evening News With Dan Rather" has an 11 rating, and "NBC Nightly News With Tom Brokaw" has a 9 rating. In Nielsen, Jennings wins 17-11-8.

Channel 7 Cleans Up in Access: "Wheel of Fortune" and "Jeopardy!" are huge ratings hits for WKBW, while Channel 2 is dying with reruns of "Who's the Boss?," "Head of the Class" and the new Dick Clark game show "Challengers."

Jesse Jackson Flops: His 9:30 a.m. Sunday morning talk show averages an anemic 1 rating in both services.

"Instant Recall" Has Strong Debut: John Palmer's nostalgic show is doing very poorly nationally, but it scored a solid 10 Arbitron rating and 9 Nielsen rating for Channel 4 at 7:30 p.m. nationally following "Entertainment Tonight," which averages a 12.

The figures have to please King World, which syndicates "Recall" and owns Channel 4.

Unfortunately, "Recall's" triumph comes at the expense of another King World show, "Inside Edition," which did much better at 7:30 p.m. than it is doing at 5:30.

Channel 7 Is Camera-Shy: The Bills' victory over the New York Giants was a costly one for WKBW-TV. A Betacam, believed to be worth about $25,000, was stolen from a hotel lobby room where Channel 7's photographer was visiting. Don't blame it on New York City. It happened in a New Jersey hotel.

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