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About 50 area residents showed up Tuesday night for a town meeting held by Rep. Amory Houghton, R-Corning, on the Persian Gulf crisis

While those who spoke expressed differing views, all said they wanted a peaceful resolution.

Todd Grady, a student at Fredonia State College, presented a petition with 500 signatures of people who support peacekeeping efforts in the gulf but oppose any U.S.-led invasion.

Grady said, "The people involved in Operation Desert Shield are friends and family. We don't want to see a single drop of their blood spilled for oil."

Early Waller, who has a son serving in the Middle East, also said oil is not worth American lives. "The price of gasoline will be the same no matter what the result there is," he said.

Houghton said he also favors a peaceful solution in the Persian Gulf and hopes the embargo against Iraq will serve its purpose. "I hope the saber-rattling will be enough," he said.

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