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Police shot a dog to death Tuesday after they said the animal attacked residents on Sweet Street near the New York Central Terminal.

No injuries were reported in the attacks or the shooting.

Fillmore Station Lt. McCarthy Gipson and Officer Paul Beilein were called to assist Eugene LoTempio, a city dog control officer, after the animal was cornered on Central Terminal property about 5 p.m., police said.

LoTempio told police he had tried to catch the animal in a snare, but the dog had turned on him, forcing him to fire his gun. Police said the officers then tried to snare the dog again, but had to shoot when the animal turned on them.

A shot fired by Beilein apparently struck the animal, but the dog charged again, and both officers once again fired. The animal then ran away from the Central Terminal and was pursued by the officers in their patrol car. Police said Beilein fired two more shots, killing the animal near Memorial Drive and Paderewski Drive.

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