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Cheektowaga has dropped plans for alternate-side parking on narrow streets for reasons of fire safety and cost.

Councilman William P. Rogowski, head of the Town Board's Highway Committee, announced the board's decision Mondayevening.

The proposal would have affected a number of narrow streets in the town's older neighborhoods, mainly the Walden and Pine Hill areas, where parking is now limited to one side.

It would have allowed parking on one side four days a week, and on the other side three days a week, permitting both sides to be cleared of snow.

A majority of speakers at a hearing Nov. 20 favored the proposal, but numerous objections also were voiced.

Firefighters said it would be difficult to enforce, and a single car parked on the wrong side could block a fire truck.

Hydrants on both sides would reduce the number of parking spaces, and it would cost $20,000 to post new signs, Rogowski said.

The board will consider the parking situation on Peachtree Road at a special meeting at 6 p.m. Dec. 27, at which year-end business will be wrapped up, Supervisor Frank E. Swiatek said.

The board voted to authorize an additional $10,000 for William R. Brennan and Mark R. McNamara for legal services in the town's acquisition of land for the proposed Rehm Road Park golf course.

The town already has spent $22,500 for legal services for the land acquisition. The additional funds will cover the town's case in an appeal brought by Richard Kawalerski challenging the town's condemnation of property, said Councilman Dennis H. Gabryszak, head of the board's Parks and Recreation Committee.

The board also:

Extended a contract through next Dec. 1 with Stuart Alexander and Associates of Buffalo for planning services in the Community Development Block Grant program, at $29.96 an hour and up to $28,000.

Awarded contracts for repairs of the Senior Citizens Center to Moffett Heating Corp., Buffalo, $71,630, air-conditioning work; B. H. Refrigeration Inc., Buffalo, $34,242, boiler system work; Dobkins & Gold Electric Inc., Buffalo, $7,250, electrical work; and to Louis DelPrince & Sons Inc., Cheektowaga, $53,800 for the final phase of the the Alexander Community Center renovation.

Established a policy that surplus town equipment be sold only at public auction.

Ordered two police cars at the state contract price of $15,690 each.

Pledged $6,300 as a 10 percent down payment to purchase properties at 1277 and 1281-87 Walden Ave. from the county for the Walden Avenue beautification project and to provide access to the proposed Walden Commerce Park.

Reappointed 11 members of the Veterans Affairs Committee.

Accepted the county's offer of $1,300 per lane mile for town plowing of county roads.

Approved an agreement with the Village of Sloan on operation of the Town Sanitary Sewer District 3.

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