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Not only have the majority of those in Congress forgotten that they are public servants, but they also have overlooked their responsibilities to our nation. Their greed and desire for power have brought us to the brink of economic disaster:

We need dedicated, austere, humble, patriotic statesmen in Congress who are motivated by a desire to serve their country honorably and who won't give in to political action committee pressure and money from big business and special interests.

We need leaders to take seriously the dangerous consequences of billions of wasted taxpayers' dollars in S&L bailouts, foreign aid and the Pentagon extravagance.

We need people who are more concerned about the welfare of their country then spending time being re-elected.

We need an administration that will negotiate disputes peacefully and sincerely with other countries (our allies or adversaries) instead of using our armed forces as world military police.

We need common sense regulation instead of government deregulation to avoid the massive bankruptcies we have encountered in the last few years.

We need strict and enforceable laws to guard our borders and prevent the everlasting drug problem that only leads to all kinds of crime and community anarchy.

We need leaders to open their eyes and bring back to our country the jobs, the factories, the markets and the technology that we have given away in the past because of greed and selfish gains.

We need "In God We Trust" to rebuild America if we are to survive or avoid economic disaster and be respected by the world once again.

West Seneca

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