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The Cattaraugus County Legislature Wednesday will vote on several public works projects that would require bonding of up to $3.8 million.

Gerard Fitzpatrick, R-Ellicottville, chairman of the Public Works Committee, said a meeting is scheduled for late today to determine which projects will be included. "We had a preliminary list for $3.8 million," said Fitzpatrick, "but we have to sit down and decide which projects must be scrubbed just because we won't have time to do them all."

He said pending cutbacks in funding from Albany also are a factor.

When legislators adopted a 1991 budget last month they also made a silent decision to bond the Public Works projects and equipment by excluding the items from the budget.

Plans involve borrowing $2.7 million for several bridge projects.

They include Freedom Bridge 3 on County Road 21, $650,000; Franklinville Bridge 36 on Pine Street, $350,000; three culverts in Allegany on Five Mile Road, $200,000; New Albion Bridge 12, $150,000 and Bridge 11, both on Waite Hollow Road, $200,000; Portville Bridge 3 on Steam Valley Road, $400,000; Ashford Bridge 72, $40,000. Bridges will be built by private contractors.

Other bridges will be designed and constructed by county crews.

They are Conewango Bridge 31, $150,000 and Bridge 32, $160,000, both on North East Road; Hinsdale Bridge 7 on Heddon Road, $30,000; Conewango Bridge 19 on County Road 44, $100,000; Yorkshire Bridge 26 on Creek Road, $110,000; Hinsdale Bridge 26 on Underwood Road, $17,000; Franklinville Bridge 35 on County Road 46, $50,000, and East Otto Bridge 14 on County Road 75, $40,000.

The bond project will also include $75,000 for three bridges being considered for demolition or preservation: Persia Bridge 6 on Forty Road, East Otto Bridge 30 and Conewango Bridge 1.

Included in $765,675 earmarked for equipment are a crane for $300,000; recycling trailers for $25,000, a bridge painting truck for $61,000 and other trucks and plows. The crane purchase was deferred from last year when the county spent $523,301 on equipment.

Another portion of the bonding would include $310,000 for several road projects totaling $1,413,292. The county already has set aside $970,000 toward the work and will use $133,192 from CHIPS money next year.

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