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Chess champion Garry Kasparov beat challenger Anatoly Karpov Saturday in the 20th game of their world title match, virtually assuring himself of keeping his crown.

His victory over Karpov in a sparkling game gave him an 11-9 point lead in the 24-game series on the strength of four wins, two losses and 14 draws. Karpov resigned on the 41st move.

Kasparov has the added advantage of retaining the crown in the event of a 12-12 tie -- which leaves Karpov with an almost impossible task in trying to overtake him. The 21st game, with Karpov having the advantage of having the white pieces and moving first, is scheduled for Monday.

They sped through the first 17 moves of the game, after Kasparov, with the white pieces, began with a Ruy Lopez opening. Karpov adopted a sharp Zaitsev system as defense -- a variation that led to two tremendously exciting battles in the opening stages of the match's first leg in New York.

But on his 18th move Karpov forsook a path he has successfully adopted in the past for an unexpected line. His flamboyant rival and Soviet countryman coolly replied with an equally novel move.

Here are the moves from Game 20 Saturday:

Kasparov Karpov
1. e4 e5
2. Nf3 Nc6
3. Bb5 a6
4. Ba4 Nf6
5. 0-0 Be7
6. Re1 b5
7. Bb3 d6
8. c3 0-0
9. h3 Bb7
10. d4 Re8
11. Nd2 Bf8
12. a4 h6
13. Bc2 exd4
14. cxd4 Nb4
15. Bb1 c5
16. d5 Nd7
17. Ra3 f5
18. Rae3 Nf6
19. Nh2 Kh8
20. b3 bxa4
21. bxa4 c4
22. Bb2 fxe4
23. Nxe4 Nfxd5
24. Rg3 Re6
25. Ng4 Qe8
26. Nxh6 c3
27. Nf5 cxb2
28. Qg4 Bc8
29. Qh4 Rh6
30. Nxh6 gxh6
31. Kh2 Qe5
32. Nxh6 gxh6
33. Re8 Bf5
34. Qxh6 Qxh6
35. Nf7 Kh7
36. Bxf5 Qg6
37. Bxg6 Kg7
38. Rxa8 Be7
39. Rb8 a5
40. Be4 Kxf7
41. Bxd5 Resigns

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