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THE ARTHRITIS Foundation estimates that 37 million Americans suffer from one of the more than 100 forms of arthritis. One of every seven Americans has the painful and often debilitating disease. There is no cure for arthritis -- the most advanced medical treatment is aspirin -- but there are things arthritis sufferers can do to relieve the pain and discomfort.

"Living With Arthritis," a new home videotape, is a polished hour of arthritis advice sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation and produced by Creative Street Inc. The important information imparted in the tape gets a further boost from the sincere and congenial host of the program, Boomer Esiason, the All-Pro quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals. Esiason, whose earnestness stems from his own experience with arthritis as a teen, introduces each section of the tape and sets the tone for what follows.

Health care professionals specializing in the disease and arthritis sufferers of all ages give demonstrations of various strategies for coping with the condition. The production values are crisp and the advice is clear and direct. Sharp graphics help to illustrate the information and keep the viewer's attention on what is being said.

This tape can do a lot of people a lot of good. The tape sells for $34.95 from Creative Street Inc. in Indianapolis; call (800) 526-6720. A portion of the proceeds benefits the Arthritis Foundation; some local foundation chapters may have the tape in stock for sale.

Rocket to me

It's official: The animated pun-filled adventures of baby boomers' favorite flying squirrel and moose -- "Rocky and Bullwinkle" -- will finally be made available on videocassette Feb. 8, from Buena Vista Home Video, a subsidiary of Disney. Each $12.95 cassette will have two 20-minute episodes.

Also announced: "DuckTales: The Movie" (March 15, about $25), "Arachnaphobia" (March 7) and Tom Cruise's "Days of Thunder" (Feb. 7, $93).

It may seem a little premature, but the release date for the video version of Super Bowl XXV has been announced. Media Home Entertainment will make the game available Feb. 14, a mere 18 days after the game is played in Tampa, Fla. The super game will go for the collectible price of $19.98.

Here comes 'Tracy'

"I'm on my way" is what Dick Tracy is saying into his wrist radio; Warren Beatty's "Dick Tracy" arrives at the nation's video stores Dec. 19. Walt Disney, the studio distributing "Tracy" on tape, has priced the film at $92.95. A survey revealed 37 percent of the nation's VCR owners had intent to buy the movie, but not at that bloated price.

For comparison, "Pretty Woman," another Disney movie, had a 38 percent intent-to-buy rating; Disney priced that one at $19.95 and has sold millions of copies. But who am I to argue with the marketing geniuses at Disney? Also new next week, at $89.95: "Women and Men," an all-star cast in short stories of relationships; "May Wine," a tale of a mother and daughter having an affair with the same Parisian; and "Priceless Beauty." For $79.95: The Ewok Adventure," "Go For It," "Odds and Evens," "Lock and Load," "Neurotic Cabaret," "White Fury" and "Danger Zone III."

More "Dark Shadows" Gothic soap opera episodes emerge next week: the four new volumes -- sold only in sets of four for $79.95 -- take us up to Vol. 52.

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