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Steve Allen. Jack Anderson. John Anderson. Nin Angelo.

So the list begins. And that's just the "A"s. When TV meteorologist Don Paul was interviewed by Jane Kwiatkowski for today's People Talk column on Page 2, he joined a long list of celebrities who've been featured in People Talk since Kwiatkowski began asking her personal questions way back in 1985.

How long a list? Darned if I know. Hundreds, certainly. But to be honest, when I try to come up with the exact number I keep losing count.

Besides, counting is not as easy as you might think. For example, we've interviewed psychic Bernice Golden three times; should that count as one celebrity or three interviews? Or what about contractors Herb Bellow and Hal Goldblatt, the two distinct contractors who showed up together in a single interview. And, forgive me, I wouldn't begin to know how to list Spuds MacKenzie and the Seneca Mall Easter Bunny -- celebrities, to be sure, but not technically people.

Anyway, suffice it to say the list is a long one. And it's got all sorts of interesting little sub-categories:

Take Buffalo Coaches, Ex-. We've got Scotty Bowman. Hank Bullough. Punch Imlach. Lou Saban. Even Jim Marshall. Remember him, Bisons fans?

Butchers? How about Charlie "The Butcher" Roesch and Donald "The Butcher" Palmer, the old Bisons bat boy?

Bakers? There's Tom, the bowler.

No Candlestick Makers, though. Sorry.

Weathermen? There's Barry Lillis. Ted Textor. The National Weather Service's Don Wuerch.

Oh, yes. And now Don Paul.

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