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I am the wife of an Army reservist with two children. I'd like to comment on the letters claiming that the reservists knew when they enlisted there was always the possibility of war and shouldn't be distraught if they are called to the Persian Gulf. Some have made accusations that people were in the reserves on an "easy ride" to get government money.

Being a reservist isn't easy. There are numerous weekends plus two weeks of training away from their family each year. There are classes to attend, correspondence courses to take, and evening meetings after spending a full day at work. Men and women reservists I know take their job seriously and put a lot of time and energy into their job.

When orders are given to go the Persian Gulf, it is an emotional experience for the soldier and his family. Of course, there are tears, hugs, and comments that they wish this wasn't happening. There are the normal fears and doubts anyone would have when going into a dangerous situation leaving all he loves behind.

Give reservists a break. They're going; you're not. Let them express their feelings without placing guilt on them. This is not a time for celebration.


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