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Q I NEED SOME HELP getting four refunds from Sebring Forest Industries.

I purchased four cases of their fire logs because each log -- not case -- clearly stated there would be a $1.50 refund with six proofs of purchase. Having promptly sent in all the documentation for the four refunds, I received all the envelopes back marked "offer expired."

I looked at the labels again to see if I had made a mistake and it was clear that this refund offer had no time limit on them. -- J.W., Perrysburg
A THE OFFER MAY NOT have had a time limit on it, but the company that was handling this offer for Sebring Forest Industries in Sebring, Ohio, obviously did.

"Thanks," says the company, "for calling our attention to this problem regarding a rebate program that was offered in your marketplace on one of our Amberglow products.

"When The Buffalo News wrote to us about his problem, it was the first time we were made aware of of his dilemma about the letter that was returned to him. We have not received any of the returned letters mentioned in his complaint.

"The Tecata, Calif., rebate redemption center that we hired to process our rebates has gone bankrupt and closed its offices; therefore, we are now attempting to process all rebates directly from our Sebring offices.

"His check for his four rebates plus postage has been sent from this office and want him to know that we sincerely appreciate his purchase of Amberglow products."

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