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I know the football season isn't over yet, however, isn't it about time to say a few good things about the job (head coach) Marv Levy and (general manager) Bill Polian have done with the Bills? Levy and his coaches have revamped the offensive line (and last year's line was not bad). The line has produced amazing protection for (Jim) Kelly and huge holes for (Thurman) Thomas. Levy has replaced two-thirds of his offensive line. The Philadelphia game speaks for the excellent defensive line play.

Levy has had the foresight to develop Keith McKeller and Howard Ballard, the communication and patience with Kelly, the guts (right or wrong) to cut Fred Smerlas and the confidence in himself to let the coaches coach.

Polian picks up (James) Lofton, Don Smith, Ken Davis, Leonard Smith and (Cornelius) Bennett, oversees perhaps the best drafting unit in the NFL, lets Levy coach and has terrible concession prices, but what the heck, nobody's perfect.

I would love a Super Bowl champion but a true fan's reward is a competitive and exciting team every week. We have had that since Levy and Polian arrived.

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