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All My Children: Adam tried to regain Brooke's trust and appeared to be succeeding. Derek Frye was spurred to make a change in his life following Angie's outburst. Will refused to leave Cortlandt Manor. Hayley begged Brian not to tell Trevor about her alcoholic mother. Tom refused Jack's request that he postpone the divorce. Erica continued her affair with Jack and used Mona as her alibi when Travis asked questions. Jeremy put his seduction of Ceara into high gear. Coming: Brooke makes a mistake.

Another World: Cass warned Vicky that stealing the gun could cost Ryan his job. Frankie discovered a blond wig in Donna's closet. Reporter Shana Barr exposed Jamie as the mystery man in Marley's life. While shopping for Olivia's gift, Sam encountered Amanda. Felicia received a present from someone named Jenna. Marley wrote Vicky a note, then fled. Coming: Sam shows regrets.

As the World Turns: Kim warned Susan she intended to fight for Bob. Angel's doctor told Holden she might try suicide if they divorced. Meanwhile, Lily received a mutilated doll. Tonio learned Colin had asked Sabrina to meet him in Toronto, and had Tyrell "take care of" Colin. Darryl recalled where he met Connor, but didn't reveal it, much to her relief. Hal decided not to tell Adam about his paternity, which pleased Tom. Coming: A new case for Hal.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke suspected Stephanie's motives, but accepted her offer of friendship. Ridge was uncertain about attending the wedding. Over Ridge's objections, Jake reached out to Felicia for help in recovering from his trauma. Beth came to visit and asked Eric to marry her. She later apologized when Eric explained he loves Brooke now. Coming: Preparing for a wedding.

Dallas: With Johnny Dancer dead, Carter McKay, Cliff Barnes and Liz Adams all became prime murder suspects. J.R. courted Vanessa, who learned more about him from James. Cally told Vanessa she's pregnant. McKay asked Rose to lie for him about the murder night. Michelle and Bobby teamed up to find Sheila, while Bobby received help from Liz. Coming: A defeat for J.R.

Days of Our Lives: Kayla and Carly stopped Bo from shooting Lawrence, who claimed he's in Salem to atone for Jencon. Adrienne learned she has an ectopic pregnancy and needs immediate surgery. Jennifer and Carly teamed up to fight Lawrence, who's after the Von Leuschner fortune and refused to divorce Jennifer until he gets it. Jack overheard Frankie profess his love for Jennifer. Coming: A crisis for Alice.

General Hospital: Bobbie had to think fast when Broxton caught her snooping. Dawn contracted the mysterious flu symptoms. Rita learned a secret that she held over Bobbie's head. Edge hired Frankie to work on his video project with Frisco. Scott dropped a bombshell on the Quartermaines. Cheryl's obsession with Robert deepened further. Coming: Bobbie confronts Rita.

Generations: Sam realized her father told the truth about fleeing from the mob and forgave him. However, to protect Peter, Sam told Kyle she must act the faithful wife to Jordan. Peter found an important bank book. Doreen's nephew Tyrell moved in. Eric made some inroads helping an abused child. Ruth panicked to hear Chantal had been questioning Henry about her "premature" birth. Coming: A long-buried secret.

Guiding Light: Alan-Michael was crushed when Gary blurted out the baby secret and broke up with Blake. In New York, Harley posed as a French designer and got an interview with Matt Weiss. Gary later revealed his crimes and was arrested, and Phillip was released. Mindy was turned down for a loan because of Billy. Alex entered Phillip's party with Roger, which shocked Mindy. Coming: Josh follows Harley.

Knots Landing: Greg underwent surgery as Claudia was alarmed to learn he and Paige might marry. Val's increasingly bizarre behavior upset her family and friends. Anne and Nick celebrated their engagement. Frank spied on Julie, while Mack discovered unsettling news about her friend Jason's home life. Linda cut a fateful deal with Callaway Industries. Coming: A crisis at Sumner Corp.

Loving: After Gwyn rescued Dane from a locked closet -- he'd been tricked there by Shana -- they shared passion. Paul agreed to Louie's request that he stay away from Ava to protect the family. Egypt was jealous when a lonely Ava sought comfort from Alex. Trisha and Shana were torn up realizing that someone at Alden Enterprises authorized use of the faulty parts. Coming: Taking dangerous steps.

One Life to Live: Kerry showed up at Rika's church choir rehearsal and was impressed with her talent. Laura's friends were sure Greg set her up, and Troy offered to help Dan find the truth. Max told Gabrielle they're through. Porter gave Alex a picture of her father, who she thought was dead. Jake became increasingly jealous of Megan's friendship with Hunter. Coming: Alex thinks about the past.

Santa Barbara: Dash was arrested after Julia charged him with rape. When Keith later dropped the charges, Mason vowed to help Julia fight. Minx realized Cassandra is her long-lost daughter. As Eden lay comatose, her spirit prevented Gina from revealing Sophia and Lionel's affair. A hypnotized Kelly recalled Eden shooting an armed Quinn. Coming: A revelation from Kelly.

The Young and the Restless: Rex fulfilled Jill's wish and told John of her love. Kay was overwhelmed with romantic attention from three suitors, and made an impression on Rex. Nikki feared the effect of Victor's marriage on Victoria. John offered Drucilla a job at Jabot. David told a hesitant Nina he wants to adopt little Phillip. Chase wondered why Diane is so interested in Kathy (Vivian). John Silva told Sheila he's been unable to forget her. Coming: A secret from Scott.

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