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My sister and I have to smile. In 1987, we traveled to Cleveland to watch the young upstart Bills take on the class defense of the AFC, at that time, the Browns. In the second half, the Browns were blowing out the Bills something like 27-7, and with about 10 minutes left in the game Jim Kelly began his now famous no huddle offense. The game ended with a failed onsides kick by the Bills, and Bernie Kosar running out the clock and running into the locker room, lucky to cling to a 27-21 victory.

We all know the U-turn both teams have made since that day. What a lot of people don't remember is the physical pounding Kelly took almost every pass he completed to bring the Bills back so far in that Cleveland game. Now, Jimbo's had better and worse games since then. He's had more important wins and some pretty poor losses. But, both my sister and I have come up against some pretty emotional criticism during the last three years because of it.

Well, for whatever it's worth before the playoffs, and for how ever long it might last, we'd just like to congratulate Jim Kelly for being the highest rated quarterback in the NFL after 13 weeks! Forget the negatives for just a week, and accept Kelly for what he is, the best in the league.

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