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Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the personality and direction of a hockey team fall under the guidance of the general manager? How does Gerry Meehan get off by saying that the team "doesn't have focus or lacks direction." I thought that was part of "his" job description.

Just once and for all, I would love to know the true "working" relationship between Meehan and Dudley. Dudley continues to ask for grinder-type players, yet nothing is done. After Sabre games, Dudley always appears to be frustrated by the lack of action on requests from management.

Before we fire Dudley, let's at least get him the team he feels he needs to be successful, and then judge his coaching ability.

Meehan should thank the Bills for taking most of the local media heat off him. But come February Gerry, you're on center stage.

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