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About 30 people demonstrated Friday against plans to build a $207 million plant to recycle cardboard adjacent to the village.

The protesters, who gathered near the Thruway interchange, claimed emissions from the plant's smokestacks could interfere with Thruway traffic.

Westfield Containerboard proposes building the plant on 149 acres between Route 5 and the Thruway, which some people contend is too close to Westfield Central School.

The plant would produce new cardboard from used cardboard.

Conrad Riffelmacher, a spokesman for the group, said he was concerned about the environmental impact of the proposed plant, which would produce 1 million gallons of contaminated wastewater and 160 tons of solid waste daily.

In addition, opponents say the steam vapor from the plant would contain molds and other pollutants, as well as offensive odors.

They also question the Chautauqua County cost of bringing the facility here, a figure that has not been released.

The protesters carried signs charging that their children's health was being sacrificed for the 132 jobs that the plant will create.

Town and company officials could not be reached for comment on the protesters' claims.

A group of residents has filed a court challenge to changes in the industrial section of the town zoning law, which the suit claims were made to accommodate Westfield Containerboard.

The suit also contends the Town Board improperly enacted the zoning changes without preparing an environmental assessment statement. Instead, the Town Board issued a negative declaration, a statement saying the changes would produce no adverse environmental impacts.

The petitioners, furthermore, argue an environmental assessment would have shown that the project would have a significant environmental impact.

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