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Q TWO YEARS AGO, during January of 1988, I hired a home-improvement contractor to do some work in my basement.

He was supposed to return in the summer of that year to paint the chimney and reline the valleys of the roof, which were in bad shape. He never came back to complete that work. The roof is now leaking into the house. My daughter and I have called this contractor numerous times and we are always told that we have to speak with the contractor personally, but he never returns our calls. He was paid in full for this job, as stated in our contract and I feel we have been more than patient with him.

I can't get him to complete the work he was paid for and the roof is leaking.

-- M.H., Lackawanna
A AS LONG AS THE current problems with your roof relates to work originally performed by the contractor, he tells us he has no problems in taking care of them.

However, he explains, "We did do work on her home and some time ago her daughter called and asked for me to give her mother a call back. I called her the same day and no one answered the telephone. I called again two days in a row and still no answer. The last day I called the residence morning, noon and night, with no response.

"We never paint chimneys. We silicone chimneys with a clear spray. This was already done to her chimney. This customer saw that we had sprayed the chimney with the silicone spray while we were working at her property. We also reflashed their chimney for them. We repaired the roof where it was leaking at that time. This job was completed and paid for at that time.

"I told her then that the roof was not in that good a shape, and they should call us during the summer months and we would give them a price on putting a new roof on her house in the summer. They never called us back during the summer.

"I am more than willing to go back to the property and look at any problems that she has that we repaired and make any corrections, at no charge to them, on the repairs that we were paid for. If they will call us at the office, and give a specific date and time when they will be at home, I will go there and look at the problems. They can call us anytime, as we have an answering service that takes our calls after hours."

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