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The language of your most recent editorial deploring the Buffalo School Board's attempt to hire the best possible associate superintendents is couched in biased terms: "cronies," "faction" and "patronage."

If you use words like that, you will never be able to come to a dispassionate and logical conclusion about the board's actions.

I give you high marks for searching through your dictionary after pejorative terms, but a failing grade for having ignored Sections 2565 and 2566 of Article 52 of New York State Education Law.

While Section 2566 notes that one of the duties of the superintendent is to have supervision and direction of associate superintendents, Section 2565 states very clearly that "a superintendent or associate superintendent . . . shall hold his position in a city having a population of 250,000 or more for a period of six years from the date of his appointment."

That section gives the Buffalo School Board not only the power but the duty to hire directly both the superintendent and the associate superintendents.

As an at-large member of the Board of Education, I take seriously my duty to hire the most qualified associate superintendents to ensure that the instructional needs of Buffalo's children, the construction and maintenance needs of Buffalo's school buildings, and the financial burdens of Buffalo's school system are met in the most responsible and economical way.

I will not be swayed by editorial writers who ignore state education law to call responsibility usurpation.

JOHN C. DOYLEAt-large memberBuffalo Board of Education

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