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The retirement of Corporation Counsel Carl E. Mooradian and the appointment of Deputy Corporation Counsel Peter F. Comerford to succeed him will be submitted to the City Council on Monday.

Mooradian is retiring Jan. 2 because of illness. Mayor Michael C. O'Laughlin said Mooradian has been "in failing health for some time and, since July, has been hospitalized."

Comerford has been serving as deputy corporation counsel since 1986, when he was appointed to that post by Mooradian. According to the City Charter, the mayor appoints the corporation counsel, subject to confirmation by the Council.

Mooradian has served as corporation counsel since 1976 and during that time has been involved in "litigation which impacted heavily on the city's future," O'Laughlin said.

Among legal issues that confronted the city under Mooradian are Love Canal, the City Charter revision, the failed sewage-treatment plant, Occidental Chemical Corp.'s S-Area dump next to the city's drinking water treatment plant and, most recently, the negotiated settlement that led to Occidental's agreement to share with the city the cost of constructing of a new municipal water plant away from the S-Area.

"Although soft-spoken and unassuming, he has become a forceful advocate for the benefit of the city," O'Laughlin said. "Wise beyond his years, Carl enjoys wide respect within the legal community for his knowledge of the law and his legal reasoning ability."

In asking the Council to confirm Comerford's appointment, O'Laughlin said that as deputy corporation counsel, Comerford has worked closely with Mooradian.

"With Mr. Mooradian's disability, Mr. Comerford has assumed many of the duties of the corporation counsel and has demonstrated dedication to the city together with the ability to perform the difficult duties of the position," O'Laughlin said.

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