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I found it noteworthy that among all the plaudits for Steven Sample quoted in your recent article, not a single one came from a University at Buffalo student.

This is sad, but not surprising. In the 2 1/2 years I have been attending the university, I have never seen our president. To my knowledge, he has not visited the Law School during my tenure as a degree candidate there. When was the last time he set foot inside a classroom?

President Sample has a reputation for distain and even hostility towards students, most recently evidenced by the abysmal way he handled the fee situation. Far from encouraging these future leaders to learn governance through a democratic process, Sample rules by fiat, shunning discussion and involvement by students in all but the most controlled situations. I doubt there are many in the student body who will mourn his departure.

Let us hope that those responsible for choosing a new president will evaluate candidates not only for their ability to raise money and balance budgets. The leader of a major educational institution should also foster an educational atmosphere, both inside and outside of the classroom. To do this well, he or she must care about the students the university was designed to serve.


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