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Recently 250,000 troops were sent to Saudi Arabia. President Bush should think of the mothers and sisters who must give up their sons and brothers, possibly forever, for the price of a barrel of oil. Can you so easily give up your son or your own life just for a gallon of gas? I can say for sure that my brother's smile alone is worth far more than the price of a drum of crude oil.

The president should think of all the hundreds of thousands of young girls who will have given up a healthy, strong, whole man only to have their fiances return with parts of them missing or mangled beyond recognition.

Mr. President, when you look to the Middle East, will you think of me? They tell me that in the first few moments of war that thousands of men will die instantly. Please, Mr. President, think of me, a young woman just entering her 20s. If you take all the young, healthy men off to die, will I ever love? Will I ever marry?

Bradford, Pa.

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