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Q I CANCELED MY auto insurance with the Travelers Insurance Co. on July 20, signing up with a new insurance company.

Months later, I received a bill for $123 from Travelers. I called them and asked why they were billing us when we had canceled and they had been paid in full. The man I spoke with told me I needed to get a "lost insurance letter" from my new carrier.

I then called my new agent and told him what they wanted and he said they had already sent the proper letter to Travelers. He assured me he'd get another letter out and it would be taken care of. Well, in the meantime, Travelers wrote to Albany and told them that I did not have insurance on my vehicle as of July 20.

Albany told me they were going suspend my license because there was no insurance on the vehicle. I had to get a letter from my new insurance company to prove the vehicle was insured nd that cleared up that problem.

However, Travelers still can't get it through their heads that we do not owe them $123 for insurance. I would appreciate anything you can do to communicate this to them. -- M.C., Corfu
A YOU MAY OWE THEM money, whether you like it or not, depending on exactly when your new insurance company took over coverage of your vehicle.

Ernest P. Gobeille, a spokesman for Travelers in Albany, explains: "Her letter indicated that she had replaced coverage with another insurance company as of our cancellation date, July 20. If that is correct, our billing for $123 is proper. Her premium is due for the period June 15, the inception of her Travelers policy, through our July 20 cancellation date.

"If her new carrier is willing to write her coverage from June 15, I would be glad to revise the cancellation of her policy and delete the earned premium.

"All insurance companies are required to notify the New York Department of Motor Vehicles of non-payment cancellations. Normally all that is needed to satisfy the DMV is the submission of the replacement company's ID card (FS-20), showing continuous coverage. Her agent can confirm this for her.

Again, if the date of her replacing coverage is earlier than July 1990 she should advise me and I will revise our cancellation to their date. It is never our intention to bill our customers for duplicate coverage."

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