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The Cattaraugus County Legislature was scheduled to act late today on a law imposing a telephone surcharge to fund enhanced 911 service and measures dealing with an ethics code, transportation and a watershed district.

If adopted, the law imposing a 35-cent telephone line fee would be effective Feb. 1.

The charge is expected to raise more than $50,000 which will be used to purchase equipment for the enhanced 911 emergency service that is scheduled to go into operation on Jan. 1, 1993.

Another law deals with continuing a contract with the City of Olean, St. Bonaventure University and Blue Bird Coach Lines for bus service in Olean.

The ethics code for legislators and county officials would require them to file annual disclosure statements reporting financial and other interests.

The county must also establish a five-person ethics commission by Jan. 1.

Legislators also were to hold a public hearing on an extended Elm Creek Small Watershed Protection District and adopt a 1991 assessment roll for funding it.

Several important resolutions dealing with setting salaries for officers, department heads and other workers in responsible positions were delayed in committees last week.

As a result Finance and Negotiating committees were to meet today to resolve differences.

Those items deal with adopting a management compensation plan to establish new salaries.

Sponsors are hoping for enough support so that the portion of the plans requiring public hearings can be held next week.

If all measures are adopted, new wages will become effective Jan. 1. Most increases are about 2.7 percent, according to the Personnel Department, and will cost taxpayers about $60,000 more in 1991.

Workers also will receive whatever amount is negotiated for others employees in three labor contracts.

The 1991 budget has money for a 3-percent increase for those settlements.

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