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If the January-to-June state aid payment to schools is delayed, the cost to Pioneer Central School District could range from $60,000 to $100,000 in interest payments, according to School Superintendent David Kurzawa.

Kurzawa said reports of a delay in the aid payment, which amounts to $10 million for Pioneer, are circulating in the educational community.

The district this year has budgeted about $14 million in state aid in its $20 million budget.

Last year's late state budget enactment delayed school aid payments and cost Pioneer about $68,000 in interest, Kurzawa said.

Reports of state aid cuts for Pioneer range from $120,00 to $261,000, depending on what the Legislature and Gov. Cuomo finally agree on.

Meanwhile the state School Boards Association and the state's school superintendents have asked that the Excellence in Teacher 00,000
funds be dropped. Last year, these distributions to New York's school teachers totaled nearly $200 million, the Pioneer superintendent said.

"We think that the choice is between eliminating EIT funds or eliminating programs to help make up the deficit," Kurzawa said.

Pioneer trustees have continued to refrain from acting on a $4,000 dues request from the state School Boards Association.

"Our board thinks that's a lot of money and isn't sure that the district receives that much value," Kurzawa said.

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