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Jurors in the Central Park jogger trial sent out a note Sunday asking a question never raised in testimony: What happened to defendant Kharey Wise between his first and second confession to police?

State Supreme Court Justice Thomas Galligan told the jury there was no testimony describing how Wise spent the 80 minutes between the first videotaped statement he made to police and the second. In the first, he admits holding and fondling the jogger's leg while others beat and gang-raped her. In the second, which is much more incriminating, Wise says: "This is my first rape."

After being told there was no testimony on what happened to Wise in between the videos, the jury asked instead to rehear the testimony of Detective John Hardigan, who described the questioning of Wise. Wise, 18, and his co-defendant, Kevin Richardson, 16, are charged with attempted murder and rape in the attack on the female jogger and the assault of two male runners the same night.

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