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The time has come to inject reality and truth into what is happening in the Middle East. We are not there because of "naked aggression."

We are there because of oil, Saudi oil to be more specific. We are there to make sure that Saudi oil is not threatened. We are not there to uphold our political way of life. Kuwait is a feudal system, not a democracy.

Do we have a right to be there to protect oil? You'd better believe it, but we can do it without initiating a shooting war. U.N. sanctions are working. Iraq is cut off. We can starve them politically and economically as long as our coalition remains united.

The United States should tell the world that we will not initiate a shooting war, but that troops and sanctions will remain until Iraq pulls out of Kuwait. We should also give Iraq a deadline. We should tell them that if the deadline is not met, we will keep them cut off from the rest of the world until they choose to fight or surrender unconditionally. As long as our coalition remains intact, all we have to do is wait.

We should tell the world that if Iraq starts a shooting war, we will finish it completely and unconditionally.

We should tell our allies that if the coalition begins to crumble, we will be compelled to retake Kuwait by force and while we are at it, we will also seize Iraq. Once Iraq is secured, we will then leave it to the people of Iraq to decide their political fate. It is clear that if the coalition remains strong, Iraq cannot survive.


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