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Being an avid Buffalo Sabres fan and watching them struggle through a .500 season, I have to wonder if the Gerry Meehan/Rick Dudley combo are what they need to make it past the first round of the playoffs.

The subject of my concern is John Tucker. Last year he was first a Sabre on the ice, then a Sabre in the press box, then a Capital in Washington. This year he was a Sabre on the ice and now a Sabre undressed. An article in Saturday's News says he wants to be traded and who can blame him.

Watching him play, he seems to be the guy who will go in front of the net on power plays -- something the Sabres (other than Rick Vaive) are sorely missing, and after watching him play against the Los Angeles Kings (his last game), he was the only Sabre on the ice doing any checking (even on the Great One).

I have a suggestion for Gerry Meehan. Trade Tucker to the N.Y. Rangers for $1, put that together with the $1 you got for Ray Sheppard (10 goals, 10 assists, 24 games) and after the Sabres exit the first round of the playoffs, take Rick Dudley out for a cup of coffee and watch the Rangers win the Stanley Cup on TV.

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