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Bob Stern, Cleveland clothier, looks up to 10 men he calls the "Best-Dressed Shorter Men in America." But being 5 feet 2 inches, he looks up to almost everybody.

Stern's company, Shorter Sizes Inc., sells clothes in short, extra short, athletic short, portly short and portly extra short.

But some of the men that made Stern's list aren't even all that short. The winners:

Tom Cruise, 5-foot-9

John Sununu, 5-foot-9

Tom Wolfe, 5-foot-8

Bob Vila, 5-foot-8

Billy Joel, 5-foot-7

Michael White, 5-foot-7

Robert Morse, 5-foot-7

Bart Connor, 5-foot-6

Michael J. Fox, 5-foot-5

Danny DeVito, 5-foot-1

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