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Jerry Sullivan's myopic views on the use of instant replay remind one of those immortal words, "Give me that old time religion, it's good enough for me!" While hopefully not equating a football game with a religious experience, the fervor that some people exhibit in their condemnation of the NFL's efforts to keep pace with the modern world are truly disturbing.

Modern technology has enabled us to heighten our efficiency, perception and experience in all aspects of our culture. Professional football should not be treated as such a sacred relic as to exclude it from improvements that may be considered to break with time-honored tradition.

Rather than worrying about shortening a game to accommodate the ever-decreasing attention span of the American public, I feel that any effort to improve upon the game's accuracy and fairness should be more than welcome. A replay machine should be considered a tool available to assist the official in his decision making, not an intrusion upon his domain.

I, for one, have as much respect for Mr. Sullivan whether he types his misguided opinions on the latest IBM word processor or a 50-year-old Smith Corona.

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