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FACT OR . . .

Who was it that claimed Rick Dudley likes hustlers and workers? Didn't Rick Dudley claim "We could use more grinders?" The fiction in both these statements can be found in two players.

First, Uwe Krupp. After being on the ice for three goals against at home vs. the Rangers and two of four goals in New York, how can Rick Dudley possibly justify the amount of playing time he receives? Season ticket holders and fans alike are constantly watching Krupp miss checks, make mistakes and hang his head.

Secondly, was Don Cherry on the mark when he claimed Pierre Turgeon has no heart for the play? I cannot believe it when he chooses to skate away from a check instead of making the play. Now that we have no less than three coaches on the bench, are the fans the only ones seeing this poor play? Thank God for Rick Vaive and Alex Mogilny or we could all take a nap during the game.
Orchard Park

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