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Activists involved in acquired immune deficiency syndrome and abortion-rights causes were under a court order Saturday not to disrupt services at St. Patrick's Cathedral on the anniversary of a protest that led to 43 arrests inside the church last year.

At the request of the New York Archdiocese, State Supreme Court Justice Harold Baer Jr. in Manhattan issued the temporary restraining order Friday against the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power and the Women's Health Action Mobilization.

The judge's order permits the activists to enter the church, but states that they may not yell, scream, lie between the aisles, throw objects, handcuff themselves to pews or other fixtures, or throw, spit or drop the Communion wafer.

The activists contend that Cardinal John J. O'Connor and the Catholic Archdiocese are obstructing the dissemination of information about safe sex and are advocating "hatred and violence" against homosexuals and abortion-rights supporters.

Shraga Lev, a spokeswoman for the activists, said Baer's order would not affect plans for demonstrations outside the church.

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