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All My Children: David's remark to Ceara about her spending habits resulted in an argument. Meanwhile, Ceara continued to pose for Jeremy. Erica was torn between loving Jack and providing Bianca with a stable home life. Adam and Natalie continued to bicker. Billy Clyde learned about Tad and Dixie's upcoming nuptials and hatched a deadly new plot. Charlie Brent returned to Pine Valley for the wedding. Coming: Ceara is tempted.

Another World: Jamie saved Jake's life by operating on him during a power failure. Marley had a pregnancy scare. Vicky and Ryan fought their mutual desire. However, Vicky stole a gun from the evidence room to protect Marley. Iris claimed that Felicia's new novel portrayed her in a bad light. Marley professed her love to Jamie. Dean and Cass shared a grudging respect. Coming: Sam resists Olivia.

As the World Turns: Connor gave Kirk a more-than-friendly kiss. Barbara tried in vain to get her pregnancy records destroyed. Lucinda filed for divorce after finding John with Susan. Barbara asked Gavin to keep Emily in L.A. Emma turned down Cal's proposal. Connor told someone on the phone that she fears Darryl may have recognized her. Courtney kissed Andy, who turned down her pass. Caleb came on to Kelly. Someone spied on Lily and Holden. Coming: Bob and Kim talk frankly.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor urged Jake to resolve things with Ben. The doctor told Margo and Charlie that Ben would recover. Eric regretted Brooke choosing Ridge as the baby's godfather. Stephanie shocked Eric by agreeing to the divorce in return for his and Brooke's friendship. Bill flattered Stephanie. Clarke told Julie he won't risk his relationship with Sally. Coming: Julie won't give up.

Dallas: Despondent without April, Bobby turned his back on Ewing Oil. J.R. received a visit from his true love. Michelle lashed out at Bobby for abandoning April. J.R. blackmailed Rose McKay as part of a scheme to entrap Carter. James offered McKay information damaging to J.R. Johnny Dancer threatened Weststar. Coming: Father battles son.

Days of Our Lives: Kim served divorce papers to Shane, who fought his growing feelings for Kayla. Marcus denied that he cares for Kayla. Jennifer realized she needs counseling. The jeweler identified Melissa's ring as having belonged to Nick. Eve set her sights on Frankie after Nick's will stated that she must marry for love to inherit. Carly and Bo confronted Lawrence. Jack proposed to Jennifer. Coming: Melissa questions Emilio.

General Hospital: Even after Anna proved him an impostor, Edge was still attracted to her. Monica noted Dawn's growing interest in Edge. Robert ordered Scott and Broxton to find a Jerome heir. A panicked Lucy tried to involve Alan in her deceitful doings. Bobbie enjoyed a reconciliation with Tony, who was unaware of her secret. Felicia suspected that Frisco was hiding something about Rita from her. Coming: Frisco recalls his past.

Generations: Jordan was stung to be reminded of his heritage as Nicholas Taylor's illegitimate son. Eric seduced Chantal. Jordan backed off from making love to Sam when he sensed her unease. Maya flaunted her intimacy with Adam in front of Doreen. Sam saw the real Ming vase and tearfully told Kyle. Jordan warned Sam that if she annuls their marriage, her father would die. Coming: Kyle offers to help.

Guiding Light: Beth realized that Rick is in love with her. Daniel got Sam a stand-up wheelchair. Alan-Michael regained consciousness and searched for Blake. Billy agreed to provide the ransom for Blake, but was snagged for driving drunk en route to get the money. Rick was barred from practicing medicine. Frank asked Mindy to interview Harley for a job. Coming: Gary threatens Blake.

Knots Landing: As Greg neared death, Claudia sought to arrange a liver transplant for him. Anne and Nick didn't know which briefcase held the money, and which held a bomb. Mac saw Julie and her friend Jason buying beer. Paige had another fight with Tom. The Sumner Corp.'s young executives tried to impress a visitor from another company. Coming: Val makes an odd decision.

Loving: After Louie was beaten, Paul found his father's unconscious body. Dane urged Shana to drop the investigation. Paul was certain that Stevie caused his father's condition. Carly tried to keep Ava and Paul apart. Coming: Shana presses ahead.

One Life to Live: Clint took Viki to New York for a romantic getaway, where she danced her first steps. Carlo and Gabrielle made a deal involving the tapes. Tina moved into an apartment and hired Jake to keep Carlo away. Megan and Hunter caught up on old times, which sparked Jake's jealousy. Greg planted cocaine on Dan. Coming: Max asks questions.

Santa Barbara: Keith cut a deal with Flame to nail a Capwell for murder. Amado was tempted to steal money from Minx's suite to buy gifts for Laken. Keith found Kelly's fingerprints on the trigger of Hunt's gun and arrested her. On her way to confess, Eden was involved in a car crash and lapsed into a coma. Julia went to break up with Dash, but returned home and told Augusta that Dash raped her. Coming: The Capwells defend Kelly.

The Young and the Restless: Nikki told Jack that she doesn't want to have the risky back surgery. Cassandra announced her intent to send Traci on a publicity tour. Jill asked Rex to convey her loving feelings for John. Lauren kicked out Scott after he admitted fathering Sheila's child. Nina accused David of lying when he snuck away for some fun with Diane. Meanwhile, Danny and Cricket began to suspect David of the frameup. Coming: Nina shows doubt.

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