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Trico Products Corp.
Buffalo-based windshield wiper manufacturer said last week it has signed a licensing agreement to produce wiper systems developed by Nippon Wiper Blade Co. Ltd. Trico executives believe the deal could give company a big chance to sell wiper products to Japanese-owned auto plants in the United States and also to capture part of the market for replacement wiper products for Japanese-made vehicles. Company has earned $4.7 million through first nine months of year, compared with a loss of $2.34 million a year earlier.
Common stock data
Latest close .... $32
52-week range .... $24 - $47
Dividend; P/E ratio .... $1; 8.5
Beta .... Up:--1.21; Down: 1.57
Earnings per share
Fiscal year 1989 .... $0.06
Analysts' mean estimate
for fiscal year 1990 .... NA
Key financial ratios
Profit margin .... 2.4%
Return on common equity .... 0.1%
Return on total assets .... 3.9%
Debt to equity .... 26%
Current ratio .... 1.7
What a key exec says
"We see the Japanese carmakers as a growth business in the North Ameri can marketplace . . . This is a decision of opportunity."
--Richard L. Wolf, chairman and CEO
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