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Q I HAVE SOME AT & T stock held jointly with my daughter and we receive a dividend every quarter.

The check is mailed to me promptly as requested. However I did not receive the one that was due for July 1. I wrote to their Florida office notifying them of this but did not receive a reply. I then spoke with a lawyer, and within a few days I received a check for $47.52.

My dividend was usually around $26; however I did cash the check. I should have received another check on Oct. 1, but have not received that one and haven't been able to speak to the lawyer again. -- A.N., Buffalo
A THERE HAS OBVIOUSLY been some misunderstanding but hopefully the following information from Todd Bourland, account representative for American Transtech in Jacksonville, Fla., will clarify things for you.

"Our records," he says, "indicate that all checks mentioned in her complaint were cashed within one week of payment date, so I am certain that she has mistaken our payment dates. We do not pay dividends that are due on July or Oct. 1.

"I have researched our records with her to determine if I should contact her attorney to advise of the same, but our records do not reflect any correspondence with an attorney. She should please advise him or her of our communication to insure no misunderstandings occur in the future.

"As for the dividends amount, her principal amount of shares has always been constant, never increasing or decreasing since the original purchase. Based on the rate for 1990 of 33 cents per share, the amount referenced in her letter of $26 does not correlate. I am sorry that I cannot provide more information on this, but the amount does not equal what her dividends have been. She should feel free to contact us is she has any further questions."

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