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"Misery" star Kathy Bates dug up some pretty creepy company to prepare for her role as a psychotic nurse in director Rob Reiner's latest film.

Bates said she read about some psychotics before taking on the role of Annie Wilkes, an obsessive nurse who keeps her idol, a romance novelist played by James Caan, a virtual prisoner in her mountain cabin.

"It was to help me understand intellectually what was happening to her, and you hope that it trickles down to the viscera," she said.

Her subjects included a Texas nurse accused of killing babies and serial killer Ted Bundy. But Bates said there was another reason for her studies: a fascination with people who go over the edge.

"I think we all want to know why," she said. "We want to know why people commit heinous crimes. We want to know why they commit suicide. Everything we don't understand about . . . you know, 'There but for the grace of God go I.'

"So, just in case it happens, you'll recognize it."

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