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It is time to send a message to the government of the United States that war as a means of resolving international disputes is an anachronism. One way to transmit such a message is war-tax resistance, the deliberate refusal to pay income taxes that support the military budget.

The Internal Revenue Service in its publication "Your Federal Income Tax" says that 27 percent of our tax dollars were used for military purposes in 1988. Other sources report that a significantly larger portion of the tax dollar funds military spending.

I refused to pay 27 percent of the taxes owed on my 1988 federal tax return in protest of U.S. military policy. That money is now on deposit in the Conscience and Military Tax Campaign escrow account. The earnings from the money on deposit are used to support the activities of the Conscience and Military Tax Campaign.

"Thou shalt not kill" is one of the basic commandments of my belief system. War is nothing more than mass killing in the name of the state. If it is wrong for an individual person to kill another human being, then government-ordered killing in war is wrong as well.

We should realize that we are all sisters and brothers on planet Earth. It is time to act upon that reality. Stop the dealing and profiteering in weapons of war. Stop the funding of the military machine. Let us support increased funding for affordable housing, productive jobs, college education for all and a universal health care program.


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