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Q MY SON GRADUATED from Williamsville East High School on Sunday, June 24, during ceremonies at Artpark.

The school had contracted with a firm called Aardvark Studios to take pictures of each graduate receiving his diploma from the superintendent of schools. A week or so later, I received a "proof" of his picture in the mail along with instructions on how to place my order.

I ordered one 5-by-7 picture at $12.08 and mailed them my check before their stated deadline. The promised delivery date came and went and I called the number on their order form several times, each time leaving a message on their answering machine. They never responded.

In August, I received a form letter from them saying they were sorry for the delay and assuring me the photo would be in my hands by Sept. 25. It never arrived so I called the phone number given in that letter and again connected with an automatic answering machine. I then called the school but they were not able to to anything more for me than to give me the company's phone number.

I want the picture or a refund of my money and would appreciate any help you can give me. -- M.H., Williamsville
A "HER ORDER WAS received by us on Aug. 2; the deadline date for proof orders was July 20," says Leslie Russo of Aardvark Studios in Akron, Ohio. "Her order did not go to the photo-processing lab with the first batch of proof orders.

"As our lab was experiencing a delay in processing orders, the first batch of orders did not return until mid-September. The subsequent batch, including your order, was shipped to the lab immediately. Her order was shipped to her on Oct. 16.

"Aardvark has no record of any previous correspondence with her; but we have been having trouble with our postal service as we sometimes receive correspondence two months late. As I have stated, our records indicate her order has now been shipped."

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