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ABC's "Nightline" today aired Madonna's too-hot-for-MTV video in its steamy entirety, and Madonna -- the picture of propriety in a buttoned up black dress -- defended the clip as a "celebration of sex."

"Why are we willing to deal with the reality of violence and sexism and why aren't we willing to deal with sexuality?" she asked in an interview.

"If we're going to have censorship, let's not be hypocrites about this," the pop singer added. "Why is it OK for 10-year-olds to see someone's body being ripped to shreds? ... Why do parents not have a problems with that?"

Her "Justify My Love" video, which was rejected by the cable music station last week, features the bra-and-garter-belt-clad singer in an encounter with a lover, played by her real-life boyfriend, Tony Ward, in a Paris hotel.

Before it was shown on "Nightline," ABC lawyers screened the video, said Laura Wessner, a spokeswoman for the program.

Interviewer Forrest Sawyer asked Madonna to address herself to feminists who have criticized her boy-toy image.

"I may be dressing like the typical bimbo, whatever, but I'm in charge," she answered. "I'm in charge of my fantasies, I put myself in these situations with men."

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