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Accept a collect call from a New York State prison inmate and you'll help to battle AIDS, give prisoners cable television and even make their conjugal visits more comfortable.

Under its contract with AT&T, the state gets a percentage of the company's profits on inmate calls, which are all collect since there are no coin phones in prison.

This year, the state will get $8.5 million, prison officials expect. Of that, $2.8 million pays for the AIDS-treatment drug AZT; $1.5 million is spent on AIDS training for staff and inmates; $1.5 million on job services, reception centers for visitors and furniture for "family reunion" trailers; $650,000 provides free bus trips to the prisons for inmates' relatives; nearly $500,000 for an inmate parenting program for life after their release, and $76,000 on cable television where prisons are wired for the service.

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