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Mail call time. Share the fun, fury and information . . .

Dear Mr. Curran: Thank you for your article on Bob Kalsu. For years I have been extolling the virtues of both retiring his jersey and placing his name on the Wall of Fame.

What more fitting tribute to a unique player-patriot from a team that proudly dresses its team in red, white and blue?

Lead on.

Herb Roesch
A -- The Bills have never officially retired a jersey and say that Kalsu doesn't meet the criteria established by the Wall of Fame voters.

However, if all the Vietnam veterans organizations work together, the honors due Kalsu might be accomplished.

The feeling here is that the recent visit to Buffalo by Kalsu's wife, daughter and son and new husband could have been handled better.

Many local people who would have liked to honor the family were not aware that the Kalsus were coming until it was too late to do anything.

It was good to see the hero's children whom I last saw at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1978.

Mr. Curran: Not just a Buffalo good neighbor but a promoter of goodwill is the gentleman who helped two German women on their way to visit an aunt in Kenmore.

They stopped their car at the intersection of Grider Street and Delavan Avenue to study directions. A gentleman noticed they were pointing in two directions and asked if he could help. Then instead of confusing them with more directions, he said, "Follow me," and led them right to their destination.

The two women and their aunt want to thank the gentlemen, who is more than a good neighbor. He is also a good American.

Carrie Thompson
West Seneca
Mr. Curran: Where is my picture? I got a new dartboard. I have been waiting for years.

David Manka
A -- Manka attached a copy of a 1981 column that carried a letter from him. In it were the words, "As for you, I've been waiting for your autographed picture for 10 years now. You promised my brother you'd send me one of you and the governor. I already had one of the stills from 'Bedtime for Bonzo' but you had more hair then, and a more distinguished expression."

Since a promise made is a debt, I will finally send the requested picture.

Dear Bob: Next March we will be celebrating our Golden Jubilee (1940 to 1991). Our parade will be held on the day itself, Sunday, March 17, 1991.

We are trying to attract as many bands as possible and other marching units.

Jerome Lyons
A -- Lyons' organization is the United Irish-American Association of Erie County Inc., whose address is 245 Abbott, Buffalo, N.Y. 14220.

Dear Mr. Curran: On Thursday, the beautiful Liberty Bank Building will host the most exciting fitness event to hit Buffalo in 1990. Participants in the Stair Climb will ascend 21 floors of the building to the top to see if they can meet the challenge. The climb will be like a 5-kilometer race, but it is straight up the building's 500-plus stairs. Can you imagine sane individuals wanting to scale some 400 feet of solid concrete?

After the climb there will be a "survivors party" at which spectators and climbers will discuss the race and next year's strategy.

Robin K. Pfalzgraf
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
A -- It is always good to hear about a different event in the competitive world of fund-raising. "Sane" individuals may learn more about the climb by calling 854-0848.

Chances are good that Ray Bentley and Pete Metzelaars of the Bills will be among the climbers on Thursday.

Miscellania: Jeanette Eckert of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary chided me for not having mentioned "the counterpart to our state commander, Peter Mazzarella -- M. Joyce Betler of Angola, the state VFW Auxiliary president. It very unusual to have both of the top officers from the same county."

I almost included Mrs. Betler in a "name in the tickler file" column. But after talking to her I decided to devote an entire column to her accomplishments, and that will be done next month.

Erie County Sheriff Tom Higgins is collecting memorabilia from the Korean War that will be shown in a museum room veterans of that war are planning to open.

The address for Mail Call, the Christmas mail service for members of our armed forces, is P.O. Box 817, Christmas, Fla. 32709. The director, Lee Spencer, says, "Interested readers should send a first-class stamp, but not an envelope, when requesting the information folder."

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