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Finally, I have grown into a responsible adult. I graduated from Seneca Vocational High School with a Regents diploma and now I am attending college at Erie Community taking a course on robotic automation. Very soon I will be the father of a hopefully healthy baby boy. All my happiness and effort could become worthless because of the world's new dilemma in the Middle East -- the possible beginning of World War III.

What is the problem with the so-called "intellectual leaders" of this world? After all the wars and destruction, don't they think that we, the smartest creatures on this planet, have learned our lesson? Have we already forgotten the regret of Vietnam?

Mr. Bush and his war pigs issue the threat of bloodshed of thousands of men and women for the lower cost of oil.

Have they gone insane? Where do they get the right to decide who will fight for such ridiculous interests? Where do they get the right to make us their war toys? We have voted them in and now their dictator minds will send us out. Why should they have any concern anyway? Their lives are protected. They'll just sit back in their recliners while my fellow men die in the scorching desert.

What will become of my friends who have enrolled in the armed forces to make something of themselves? They will now become the first in line to die. They have lived their lives to become a part of a suicidal mission.

What will become of the rest of us? We are faced with the possibility of the return of the dreaded draft. Our lives have finally reached a new peak and it could be torn down for the honor of the gas pump.

I just hope our leaders will see their mistake and send the boys home.


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