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BUFFALO.... 24 0 3 3--30
Touchdown pass, 63 yards, Lofton from Kelly at 0:45 (Norwood kick). Drive of 66 yards in two plays after D. Smith returned opening kickoff 15 yards to 34. BILLS LEAD, 7-0.

Field goal, 43 yards, by Norwood at 6:31. Drive of 39 yards in eight plays plus one defensive penalty after 2-yard punt return by Al Edwards. Key gains: Kelly pass to Lofton for 20 to Eagles' 34. BILLS LEAD, 10-0.

Touchdown pass, 56 yards, Reed from Kelly at 8:47 (Norwood kick). Drive of 65 yards in two plays after 9-yard punt return by Al Edwards to 35. BILLS LEAD, 17-0.

Touchdown pass, 4 yards, Thomas from Kelly at 13:37 (Norwood kick). Drive of 83 yards in four plays after Al Edwards fair caught Feagles' 36-yard punt at 17. Key gain: Kelly pass to Lofton for 71 to Eagles' 4. BILLS LEAD, 24-0.
Touchdown pass, 18 yards, Keith Jackson from Cunningham at 4:26 (Ruzek kick failed -- wide). Drive of 73 yards in four plays after Anthony Edwards returned Tuten's punt 12 yards to 27. Key gain: Cunningham run for 51 to Bills' 21. BILLS LEAD, 24-6.

Field goal, 32 yards, by Ruzek at 12:17. Drive of 53 yards in 11 plays after Anthony Edwards fair caught Tuten's 37-yard punt at Eagles' 33. Key gains: Cunningham pass to Barnett for 16 to 19, Cunningham pass to Keith Jackson for 16 to 3. BILLS LEAD, 24-9.

Touchdown pass, 95 yards, Barnett from Cunningham at 14:06 (Ruzek kick). Drive of 91 yards in three plays after Tuten's 52-yard punt was downed at Eagles' 9. BILLS LEAD, 24-16.
Touchdown pass, 1 yard, Byars from Cunningham at 5:32 (Ruzek kick). Drive of 77 yards in 12 plays after Hager fell on second half kickoff at Eagles' 23. Key gains: Cunningham pass to C. Williams for 13 to 35, Sherman sweep for 27 to Bills' 38, Sherman run for 13 to 18, 16-yard defensive pass interference penalty against L. Smith to 1. BILLS LEAD, 24-23.

Field goal, 21 yards, by Norwood at 11:28. Drive of 78 yards in 10 plays after D. Smith returned Ruzek's kickoff 17 to 22. Key gain: Kelly pass to Thomas for 35 to Eagles' 23, Kelly pass to Mueller for 11 to 4. BILLS LEAD, 27-23.
Field goal, 45 yards, by Norwood at 0:11. Drive of 0 yards in four plays after Bentley intercepted Cunningham's pass and returned 13 yards to 27. BILLS LEAD, 30-23.

ATTENDANCE: 79,320 (334 no-shows).

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