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The dismembered carcasses of at least two animals -- possibly dogs -- were found Sunday night in North Buffalo near a train trestle where police have repeatedly found satanic literature.

The chest cavities of two, possible three animals, were found at the foot of Merrimac Street, near the old trestle, said Colvin Station Lt. Richard Nigro. The animals had been skinned and their heads and feet had been severed and were missing, Nigro said.

It's possible that the animals were deer, but seems more likely that they were large dogs, Nigro said.

"It could be a deer, but I don't think so," Nigro said.

He said satanic literature was found near one of the animals and satanic grafitti was found on a wall, Nigro said.

However, Nigro stopped short of attributing the animal dismemberment to satanic rituals. He said police don't know who is responsible, noting that the foot of Merrimac Avenue is a popular hangout for young people, including college students.

Nigro noted that Buffalo State College fraternities and sororities are having their "Hell Week" pledging activities, but added that he's not linking college students to the animal remains.

"I don't want to finger college students," Nigro said.

The carcasses were taken to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which will determine what kind of animals they are, Nigro said.

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