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All My Children: Trevor tried sending Hayley home after she stole from him, but Hayley slipped off the bus. Erica discovered that Travis and Barbara slept together, then told Jack she loves him. Billy Clyde sent a ticking package to Tad and Dixie, which turned out to be a clock. Dixie then offered herself as bait to catch Billy Clyde. Ceara fantasized about Jeremy. Opal lashed out at Will for betraying his family by working for Adam. Coming: A letdown for Ceara.

Another World: Vicky urged Ryan to consider her a suspect. Ken told Paulina he bugged the other blond suspects. Vicky burned Marley's love letters from Jake. Sam felt overwhelmed by his intense relationship with Olivia. Taylor confided to John about the scandal at her last job. Paulina overheard Ryan tell Carlos about the tapes. Marley told Cass that she's been lying. Coming: Olivia puts on more pressure.

As the World Turns: John hired Jessica to file for divorce and refused to accept Lucinda's pleas for another chance. Julie sent word to Caleb to divorce her. Blake told Duncan about Tonio's meetings in Toronto. References to Caroline's accident made Darryl uncomfortable. Ralph considered a job offer with Tonio. Lisa hired Kelly McGuire to replace Julie. Courtney couldn't hide her depression anymore. Kim met Jeffrey Talbot, the new station manager. Coming: Lily and Holden feel uneasy.

The Bold and the Beautiful: At Thorne's request, Stephanie dropped her charges against Sally. Clarke denied to Darla that he's having an affair. Ridge was stunned by Brooke's request that he become Eric Jr.'s godfather, but agreed. Jake told Margo his father deserves to die after what Ben did to him. Coming: A deathbed confession.

Dallas: Bobby returned home from Paris, but without April. When Cliff proposed, Liz lied about her feelings to protect him from her dangerous ties to Johnny Dancer and the government. While James sought allies in his scheme to destroy J.R., Ewing made a new move to blackmail Carter McKay. Coming: Cliff becomes insistent.

Days of Our Lives: Jennifer kept her rape by Lawrence a secret from Jack, who admitted his love for her. Leopold freed Jack and Jennifer, but was killed in a cave-in. Kayla denied having special feelings for Shane. Melissa feared Emilio wants to marry her so she can't testify against him. Eve accused April of taking Nick's gun, unaware Johnny has it. Frankie was accepted home by the Bradys. Roman discovered Isabella living in Kiriakis' house. Coming: Problems for Adrienne.

General Hospital: Robert was unable to commit to marriage with Kate. Bobby couldn't tell Tony that Lucas is Cheryl's son. Bobbie realized she's been neglecting Tony after learning he's been seen with a "blond bombshell" (Rita). Scott's lies got him in hot water with both Lucy and Edge. Anna was mortified when she saw all her friends at Delafields, while out with Edge. Edge showed up at the police department to claim the diamonds. Coming: The diamonds reach their owner.

Generations: Kyle arrived too late to stop Sam and Jordan's wedding. Doreen told a disappointed Daniel she's not ready to get serious. Ruth and Doreen made peace after Ruth helped to save Danielle's life. Eric bowled over Chantal with a kiss. Kyle forced Sam to question whether she married a thief. Adam was underwhelmed when Maya moved in with him. Coming: Trouble between roomies.

Guiding Light: Phillip was arrested despite Alex's protests. Blake fired her gun, but shot Alan-Michael instead of Blake. Alan-Michael underwent surgery, as Blake was arrested. Gary lurked as Blake began to give her deposition. Josh gave Harley a plane ticket, planning a secret rendezvous, but she thought he wanted to get rid of her. Gilly asked Hamp for a commitment. Coming: Gary takes action.

Knots Landing: Claudia attempted to prevent Paige from visiting Greg at the hospital. Gary told a stunned Mack and Karen that Val canceled the wedding. Nick discovered Anne's plot to steal the blackmail money. Frank found Julie and several friends at home during school hours. Linda accepted a lunch invitation from Karen. Coming: Val shows more strange behavior.

Loving: Alex and Riley suspected a link between the money laundering in San Felipe and Paul's club. Shana served Dane with a restraining order, and he stole the Eddie Grant letters from her briefcase. Clay and Dane struck a deal to protect Shana and Alden Enterprises. Paul and Alex agreed to turn in Stevie, who ordered A.Z. to kill Louie. Ralph tried to asphyxiate Shana, but Dane found her unconscious body. Coming: A near miss for Louie.

One Life to Live: Max blasted Gabrielle for lying about the second mortgage. Megan and Jake agreed to part while he tends to Charlotte. Gabrielle pretended to faint in front of Tony as part of a seduction attempt, which was being taped by Carlo's henchman. Megan was stunned when Niki's personality emerged. Carlo demanded a role in his unborn grandchild's life. Coming: Jake gets frustrated.

Santa Barbara: Eden fired at an armed Quinn and killed him. Minx revealed to Michael that she's looking for her illegitimate daughter. Cruz convinced Eden to keep quiet about the shooting. Robert caught Kelly when she left her wheelchair to pour a drink. Falsely believing that Mason and Cassandra had become intimate, Julia made love to Dash, and immediately regretted it. Coming: Keith and Flame cut a deal.

The Young and the Restless: Brad refused to dump Traci in favor of Cassie. A rejected Cassie realized her company owns the firm publishing Traci's new book. Mamie admitted to Olivia that she got Dru to stay in town by urging her to fight for Nathan. While Danny and Cricket honeymooned, Nina learned her neighbor (Vivian) was accidentally electrocuted. Coming: Will a killer strike again?

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