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The annual golf Skins Game must surely qualify as the most unworthy sports competition ever. Not only are the four players picked at the whim of the sponsor, but they have all been, to a man, millionaires several times over.

We watch these millionaires get richer by making an occasional birdie in this show of random skill. The birdie usually brings them a sum of money equal to, or well beyond, a decent annual wage for many of the viewers. To top it off, a new Toyota car is now awarded to the winner of the last hole.

The Skins Game is a game without merit or honor, a monument to greed, a strained but lucrative weekend round for a few still-hungry fat cats.

Bobby Jones must be spinning in his grave when that "show" comes on. I refuse to watch it anymore. I love the game of golf too much.
West Seneca

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