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Unit 116 of the American Contract Bridge League will have its membership meeting and Christmas party at noon today in the George F. Lamm Post, American Legion, 962 Wehrle Drive, Amherst. Open and 49er games will follow.

John Toy has won an expense paid trip to Atlantic City to compete in the flighted Grand National Pairs.

The Bridge Centre conducted two club tournaments Nov. 19. Novice-level winners were Thelma Sweeney and Marianne Goldstein with a 63 percent game. Top score in the intermediate section, a whopping 68 percent, was posted by Helen Sloan and Roberta Handel.

A novice jubilee party is scheduled Saturday night at The Bridge Centre, Northtown Plaza. A lecture is scheduled at 7 p.m. and the game will begin at 7:30. A club tournament is planned for 7:30 p.m. Friday, and a non-life master Swiss team game is scheduled for 7 p.m. next Sunday. For partnerships, call 834-2034.

Winners of the charity game Nov. 20 at the Lockport B & G Duplicate Club were Ruth Hughes and Audrey Adams with a 60 percent game. Second with 54 percent were Ellen Spalding and Jane Elze. In the novice section, Jim and Marie Currie won with 52 percent. Second were John and Frances Goldthorpe with 51 percent.

East Aurora Duplicate Club will have a bridge dinner at 2 p.m. Dec. 16 in the Old Log Cabin. Call 652-4938 for details.

Winners of the charity game Monday night at the Buffalo Whist Club were Jim Mathis and Gerry Fried with 63.6 percent. Second were Sharon Benz and Barbara Libby with 63.3 percent. Quarterly club game at Whist Club Nov. 19 was won by Mathis and Fried with 61.5 percent. Second were Jim Spandau and Sharlene Lynch with 58 percent.

The Bridge Works, 442 Beach Road, Cheektowaga, has scheduled a club championship game at 7:30 p.m. Friday and a wine and cheese party preceding the game at 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

Winners in a beat the experts game Tuesday evening were John Lewis, John Valentine, Kevin Gervase, Bob Lipinczyk, Claire Chodorow, Shireley Weintraub, Seymour Strickberger, Estelle Gafter and Don and Cathy Woodworth. They won future free plays.

North Tonawanda YWCA club will hold its Christmas party Dec. 21 in the Y, 49 Tremont St., North Tonawanda.

Buffalo Whist Club's championship game Nov. 19, was won by Gerry Freid and Jim Mathis with 61.5 percent. Second overall were Jim Spandau and Sharlene Lynch with 58 percent.

Big Deal Bridge Club -- North-south, Corliss Dye and Meg Klamp, 113; east-west, Laura Bylebyl and Val Chodorow, 135; possible 189.

Big Deal Bridge Club -- North-south, Renzo Renzoni and Roselle Selikoff, 88; east-west, Frank Tripi and Jacques Stehlin, 81; possible 140.

Bridge Centre Monday morning -- Howell. Renzo Renzoni and Bev Cohen, 62; George Bills and Fran Kuhn, 59; possible 96.

Bridge Centre Monday evening -- Elaine Donley and Edna Gehrman, 53; Thelma Sweeney and Marianne Goldstein, 53.5; possible 96.

Bridge Centre Monday evening -- North-south, Ruth Starr and Betty Bernedetto, 54.5; east-west, Roberta Handel and Helen Sloan, 68; possible 100.

Bridge Centre Tuesday evening -- Howell. Ceil Duga and Ann Bartels, 11; Peg Macer and Sue Davis, 10.5; possible 20.

Bridge Centre Wednesday evening -- North-south, Beverly Dale and Mary O'Connor, 143; east-west, Bonnie and Vern Bullough, 143; possible 216.

Bridge Centre Friday morning -- North-south, Bessie Fugitt and Thelma Daughtry, 63; east-west, Trudy Manaher and Kathy Knupp, 88; possible 120.

Bridge Centre Friday evening -- North-south, Steve and Julie Bass, 73.5, possible 140; east-west, Mike Ryan and Jan Puszynski, 85, possible 140.

Bridge Centre Saturday morning -- North-south, V.S. Vaidhyanathan and Mohammad Naimathilla, 92, possible 144; east-west, Pow Wooldridge and Erwin Cuttler, 103, possible 168.

Bridge Centre Saturday evening -- Howell. Marvin and Margie Trott, 10.5; Alice Weber and Mary Treanor, 7.5; possible 21.

Bridge Centre Sunday afternoon -- North-south, Dorothy Boyd and Richard Czarnecki, 69.5; east-west, Betty Ostolski and Trudy Manaher, 73; possible 120.

Bridge Centre Sunday evening -- North-south, Eileen Lundberg and Love Farrell, and Anne O'Connor and Beverly Dale (tie) 122.5; east-west, Christine Pesce and Dr. V.S. Vaidhyanathan, 120; possible 216.

Bridge Works Wednesday evening -- North-south, Chris Urbanek and Bev Cohen, 99; east-west, Jim Mathis and Jacques Stehlin, 98.5; possible 168.

Bridge Works Friday evening -- Howell. Don Heisler and Frank Tripi, 64; Mary McKenna and Tom Wolstoncroft, 61; possible 108.

Bridge Works Saturday morning -- Swiss. Val and Claire Chodorow, plus 88.

Bridge Works Saturday evening -- North-south, Walt Majewski and Claire Chodorow, 129; east-west, Jacques Stehlin nd Roselle Selikoff, 131.5; possible 216.

Bridge Works Sunday evening -- 99'ers Swiss-Bam Scoring. Tie: Joan Smith, John Mugas, Aleen Greutker and Tess Zamerski with Al Johnson, Scotty Johnson, Janis Clift and Bob Lipinczyk, 14.

Bridge Works Monday evening -- North-south, Jane Scott and Cathy Bentzel, 121; east-west, Marge Bowen and Florence Notto, 132.5; possible 216.

Bridge Works Tuesday evening -- North-south, Don and Cathy Woodworth, 95; east-west, John Lewis and John Valentine, 110; possible 168.

Delaware Wednesday night -- North-south, Dorothy Kumrow and Rose Salem, 72.5; east-west, Rupert Warren and Dick Siggelkow, 69.5; possible 120.

East Aurora Wednesday morning -- North-south, Jack and Bonnie Misenhalter, 96.5; east-west, Lillian Gotshall and Norma Williams, 102.5; possible 168.

Gibson Tuesday afternoon -- North-south, Julia Fisher and Renzo Renzoni, 99; east-west, Meg Klamp and Rose Salem, 100.5; possible 168.

Hamburg Bridge Monday evening -- North-south, Bert Graham and Dot Shorts, 137.5; east-west, Marion Guglielmi and Betty Dietrich, 133.5; possible 216.

Humboldt Tuesday -- Howell. Gladys Daughtry and Bessie Fugitt, 42.5; Jewell Marshall and Kindra Haven, 40.

Lockport Bridge Tuesday evening -- Howell. Ruth Hughes and Audrey Adams, 59; Florence Smith and Mary Strassburg, 46; possible 84.

Margaret McCarthy Friday -- Howell. Doris and Frank Reid, 53; Eileen Lundberg and Don Lynch, 47.5; possible 84.

North Tonawanda YWCA Friday -- Midge Coates and Bob Buchannan, 65; Edgar Vinacke and Dick Czarnecki, 62.5; possible 108.

Temple Beth Zion Tuesday evening -- Howell. Arline Gellman and Dorothy Kumrow, 13; Mimi Ashton and Claire Garelick, 12.5; possible 20.

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