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The blitz is on. The local papers have all swelled to twice their size from the addition of all the extra advertising. The local newscasts the day after Thanksgiving were all dominated by stories of the biggest shopping day of the year and predictions of how this season will make or break the local economy.

This year it has gone so far as to be a factor in the current New York State budget crisis. This holiday season is being looked at as means of producing potential tax revenue to bail the state out of its current fiscal woes.

It's time to ban the blitz. How sad it is that the meaning of Christmas has become lost in the quest for the almighty dollar. Doesn't anyone remember that Christmas is the time we commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ? He was sent to us to save us from our sins, not to help bolster our economy.

Let us hope the day will never come when the nativity scene will be replaced by gaily decorated dollar signs and the greetings of the season will be "Merry Cash-mas."


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